Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Salt Lake City

Our last night of our vacation was spent in Salt Lake City. The kids loved checking out Temple Square. Jolee calls it the "Princess Temple." Apparently, she will be getting married there! What a fun last day to an awesome vacay with my fam!


*Madi*Zobrist*coolio*awesome*fun(ny)*amazingly ENERGETIC!!!* said...

WOW! That looks like soo much fun!!

Jamie Lynn said...

We must have JUST missed each other! We did the whole Park City/SLC thing a few days after you were there! I love the pic of all of you by the temple....too cute!

Rob's Story said...

Hey Rob! This is Lindsay (Williams) Stone from Rob's Story. Thank you for your support of Rob and his family. The flyer for the bike ride and 5K run is now up and available. I peeked here on your blog for a sec. You've got such a cute family. Congratulations! Hope to see you soon. Thanks!